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Here you get a description how your pageflip cataloge / epaper will be generated

Upload your pdf file at purchase/demo and have a look at your demo pageflip epaper. You can try it for free!

The workflow starts with receiving your PDF-file and discussing the needed features.

Your PDF-file should be optimized for displaying on the www. The used colour-space should be rgb for example sRGB ICC profile. Furthermore the included pictures should have a resolution of 144dpi or 196dpi. If you need to integrate your webshop you can include buy-buttons with links inside the pdf. But this is not neccessary. We add them on the fly if your pdf-file to the article numbers.

Now the generation of your new pageflip catalogue / epaper can be finished. You receive a zip-file which you can upload to your server. This includes the html, css and javascript files. Additional of course the overworked pdf-file. The javascript files are obfuscated to make it hard to reverse engineering. If the PDF-file has a large filesize it can be uploaded to the cloud. For example at Amazon S3. Therefore a CORS and HTTP-Range support has to be configured. For these thing we can assist you.

After unzipping the files on your server your new pageflip is ready for usage. The user only has to have a up to date browser. No Adobe Flash or other plugins are neccessary. If you have integrated your webshop also therefore no other steps are needed to do. The webshop will be loaded in an i-frame.

Finally we can say everything is an state of art workflow with no security risks because we guarantee that the whole javascript code is included and no code will be loaded from anywhere else.

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