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Features of your new pageflip catalogue / epaper

The following functions are included but you can ask for new functions to get added. Of course you can remove functions as well.


Nothing to say...


enter a page number

After input of a page number you can flip directly to a special page.

enter page number

integrated webshop in shadow box

If you click on a buy-button your webshop opens in a shadow box or a new window/tab with the corresponding article. You can switch back to the pageflip catalogue if you click "back to pageflip" on the richt top corner. NEW: links to your articles in your webshop are generated automatically. This feature is not included in the ligth or standard pageflip catalogue. Please ask for an offer.

integrated webshop

select and copy text

This feature normally requires an flash version of an epaper. But our version manages it with HTML5.

select text and copy

zoom and drag

Zooming in and out is one of the important features. You can switch between the "zoom-mode" and "full-page-mode" while clicking on a free area or picture or by doubletap on a tablet. If you are inside the zoom-mode a range slider occurs on the right top corner. The last zoom value is stored while switching between the modes. You also can adjust the zoom with your mouse wheel or by clicking on plus or minus symbol. Of course you can drag the visible area with mouse or touchscreen. Pinch-to-zoom is available.

zoom function


You can use the full-ext search also with epapers with large number of pages incredibly fast. You can use a case sensitiv search as well.



The outline can be fade in. It can consist of several levels.



The thumbnail view of the pages can be fade in and can be scrolled.


Shopping cart

With a klick on the cart button the shopping cart will be loeded inside the shadow box.

cart link


By clicking on the download button you can download the epaper pdf file. NEW: you can download single pages as pdf file.


embed videos

You can embed videos.

embed videos

features of the pdf to flipbook service of William Leistner GmbH & Co. KG light standard premium can be deactivated
creation of a high quality HTML5 flipbook based on your PDF file / InDesign document yes yes yes -
responsive and highly compatible yes yes yes -
page number (recommended filesize: up to 150MB on desktop larger then 300MB possible) unlimited unlimited unlimited -
flipping by click/touch on cursor buttons or by pressing cursors on keyboard or by swipe yes yes yes -
navigate to entered page number yes yes yes yes
select, copy and paste text yes yes yes yes
clear and sharp font (also on coloured fonts!) yes yes yes -
pan and zoom: by click or pinch-to-zoom or double-tap; by click or doubletap you can choose the zoom level and it will be stored; zoom by mouse scroll wheel yes yes yes yes
bookmarking --> flipbook will open bookmarked page number yes yes yes -
navigate with browser history (browser cursers/history) yes yes yes -
download whole flipbook as PDF file yes yes yes yes
Download einzelner Seiten (linke oder rechte Seite auswählbar) - yes yes yes
run on own server/ (shared) webhosting yes yes yes yes
no reloading of javascript oder other files yes yes yes -
offline version - for example for a fair (no need to install a local webserver; file:/// is enough) yes yes yes -
full text search - yes yes yes
outline - yes yes yes
thumbnail overview - yes yes yes
open existing links in pdf file to websites (products/webshop/image galeries/videos and more) yes yes yes -
generate links from your article number to product website / webshop completely automatically; open in shadow box or new window/tab (links must not exist in the pdf file) - - yes -
shopping cart direct link - - yes yes
WebGL : 3D + higher performance coming 2018 coming 2018 coming 2018 CSS fallback
tracking - - optional yes
Prices incl. vat 12/2017 29,90 EUR 59,90 EUR starting from 250 EUR

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