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pdf to html5 flipbook - only one click needed to transform your pdf file to an online flipping book

Upload your pdf file and you will receive immediately a link with your free demo of your high quality html5 flipbook in an email. No registration needed. Attention: We will check the file for different things. Please contact us per email. Then we will create a demo.

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pdf to flipbook - in highest quality

Adobe PDF to epaper conversion

pdf to flipbook:
We will use the words flipbook or online flipping book synonymous to flip page catalogue or to online catalogue. A flipbook will transform your pdf file to an online version which has page turn effects. Your uploaded pdf file will be converted into a highest quality online flipbook. We will explain down below why our service should be used and why we have the highest quality available!

You can test the flipbook as long as you want to do. Immediately after uploading you will receive a link which you can open on all devices like PCs, tablets or smartphones. You don't need to registrate first. You can try without risk.

Our service will provide you a free demo without registering before. You can view your flipbook immediately - the link to the demo will be sent by email. If you are satisfied with our flipbook maker you can answer to our email to order a license. Or you can contact us by also by phone, fax or contact form.

If you are viewing this homepage, you probably know of the advantages of a online flipbook. If you want to view a pdf file you don't have to download it first and open it in a viewing application but you can start viewing the flipbook immediately on your homepage.

advantages of our flipbook service compared to other services:

  • create a high quality HTML5 flipbook from your pdf file or Adobe InDesign document
  • create a demo flipbook immediately (limited features in demo mode)
  • image quality of your pictures remains original
  • clear and sharp font (also on coloured fonts)
  • links to your product pages/webshop article pages are added automatically
  • unlimited number of pages
  • user friendly navigation on all end user devices
  • select, copy and paste PDF text
  • read the text of the pdf aloud for example by Edge browser (Windows)
  • set bookmarks --> flipbook will be opened with bookmarked page number
  • download whole pdf or single pages
  • no reloading of javascript or other files
  • offline version - for example for a fair (no need to install a webserver locally, file:/// is enough)
  • no installation of a software necessary

Your pdf file should conform some standards. But it's easy to try out the demo. The PDF file can be optimized later. We can advise you or we do the job for you. For example other flipbook maker services which create online flipbooks cannot process double pages. We can convert the double pages to single pages to make the page flip turn effect work.

In the next sections we will describe why you should use our pdf to html5 flipbook service.

sharp fonts like used in Adobe Flash flipping books

In our flipping book the fonts are displayed as curves. Usual Javascript solutions aren't able to do this and display them as bitmaps so the text isn't as sharp as in our flipbook. Therefore Adobe Flash is needed in most solutions. But not in our solution. We don't need Adobe Flash. Your fonts will be sharp even if you use small font sizes or different font colours.

screenshot fonts

Our pdf to html5 flipbook maker service doesn't need the Adobe Flash plugin

Most flipbooks are based on Adobe Flash technology. You can proof this if you click with the right mouse. Often you can see such an information window:

adobe flash

Adobe Flash shouldn't be used anymore say most experts and companies. Click here for details. This browser plugin is updated every patch day. If you use an old version you often get a message like this:

adobe flash

Adobe Flash had some advantages, which html5 based solutions didn't have. But now this is history because of the solution of company Leistner: this solution provides all features of a Flash flipbooks and even more!

compatible with all up to date browsers of desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones

browser thumbnails

One of its outstanding nature of our html5 flipbook solution is its high compatibility with end user devices. Adobe Flash isn't available on most tablets and smartphones so the programmers had to use html5 solutions too for these devices, which doesn't provide all features and the graphical user interface looks different on different devices. But your flipbook graphical user interface will look identically on all desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

Webshop Linking

webshop shadow box

webshop shadow box

If you have a webshop it is possible to link your products in the flipbook. You can ask for it. We will create a free demo flip page catalogue for you. Your webshop with the corresponding article will open if you click on a buy button inside the online flipbook. The webshop will appear in a new tab or inside a shadow box. If you use a shadow box it will be very user friendly in our opinion. The user can switch between the flipbook and your webshop without switching between tabs. This is the best solution on tablets and smartphones.

features of your new flipbook

The following functions are included but you can ask for new functions to get added. Of course you can remove functions as well.
the flipbook will have the following features:

  • flipping -> on the tablet and smartphone easy swiping
  • enter a page number
  • linking of your webshop NEW: links of articles are generated automatically
  • select text and copy it
  • pan and zoom -> Zoom buttons or pinch-to-zoom
  • full text search - create flipbook and receive full searchable content
  • outline - will be transferred from the pdf file and can contain levels
  • thumbnail overview - will be loaded and can be scrolled very fast
  • shopping cart link button
  • unlimited number of pages
  • download of the whole pdf file NEW: download single page as pdf file
  • offline version - for example for a demo on a fair
  • embedding of videos

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